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The New Way To Exchange Things With Anyone

Connect and share what matters most with anyone - including on the go.
Heyy is the easiest way to engage with people, even if they don't have the app.

How it works:

Choose what you want
Pick up what you're proud of in seconds
Instantly exchange with anyone
It also works with those who don't have the app or Internet.
Let Heyy manage the rest
Your contact book is synced in background. We work for you.

Choose what you share

Instantly exchange with anyone

Let Heyy manage the rest

Traditional Business CardsHeyy
Instantly customizable
Works with anyone
Super cost effective (aka FREE)
Tree-friendly & socially responsible
Info is saved immediately
Everything in one place - even social!
Works everywhere even with no Internet
Useful professionally or recreationally

Free Cards
for Individuals and Professionals

Instantly connect with free business cards. Quickly grow your network and meet interesting people nearby. Heyy is the only way to customize what you share. Choose from Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and more!

Heyy is a mobile app that enables you to customize digital profiles, build business cards and exchange instantly what you want. You can transfer data and share your deets with anyone: Heyy doesn't require your contacts to have the app!

Just better

  • It's faster than business cards
  • Heyy is customizable on the go
  • It's way cheaper: it's free!
  • Benefit from best integration ever
  • Heyy is eco-friendly

Raise your profile

  • Instantly customize your card
  • Enhance your digital Yourself
  • Share it in seconds
  • Control what you share
  • Keep data always up-to-date

Universal tool for sharing

  • It works with non-Heyy users
  • Shared info directly goes into your contact's book
  • All social networks in one place
  • Perfect for individuals
  • Ideal for professionals and businesses